Bilanciai – Leading Weighing Manufacturer

Toltec Scale has been the exclusive agent of Bilanciai products in NZ for a little over 2 years. This impressive range of weighing equipment is truly world class.

Covering almost every aspect of industrial weighing Bilanciai has been producing ground breaking innovations in weighing for over 50 years.

With the majority of its products including weighbridges, digital load cells and cutting edge terminals in its own factory in Campogalliano in Italy, quality, accuracy and attention to detail is assured.

In the weighbridge section of our website you can see their innovative approach to weighbridges. These are weighbridges with features and benefits unlike any other In the NZ market. Featuring Bilanciai’s own fully digital load cells and touch screen terminals they are exceptional quality at a price that may surprise you.

Explore the Bilanciai products in our website today.